Hartsock's Plants

Hartsock’s has the bedding plants to provide you the perfect combination of color for your landscaping needs. We represent three generations of quality grown plant material, so you can know you are receiving the very best. Both of our catalogs are open, so browse to see what we’re growing and to check on availability. For inquiries about installation, ordering, and pricing give us a call.

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Save your Trays

Hartsocks strategically grows in landscape carry trays to improve portability of plant material. The traditional “Break away tray” is hard to carry and leaves customers with 1000’s of small pots to collect and discard. Utilizing a one piece tray eliminates excessive waste and dramatically improves mobility. Using these trays enables us to carry 4-6 flats at a time with no small pots to discard. Save your trays! Hartsocks will gladly pick up used trays for recycling or reuse.